hairstylist, it's time to

have your clients respect you

not to mention confidently charge & enforce your policies

without any confrotation or conflict

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In under 60 min you will :

  • get boundaries & policies understood, followed & respected
  • avoid having anxiety inducing confrontations with clients
  • weed out the wrong clients before they even book
  • avoid redo's & misunderstandings

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Meet Your Host

Dawn Bradley @dawnbradleyhair

anxious, awkward, over-sharer & an advocate for mental health.

With 20 years in the industry, I've had a lot of failures. My personal story of work nearly killed me. How I turned it all around is what drives my passion to help other hairstylists & beauty proffesional ditch the stress, overworking, people-pleasing and continue to build a wildly successful career on their terms. With students from all over the world, I'm on a mission to help hairstylists work less and make more.


✂️ You've ever had a no-show

✂️ Clients take advantage of you

✂️ You've given a “please don’t be mad at me” discount

✂️ You’re undercharging

✂️ You fear confrontation

You gotta grab this resource! ( PLUS I have a special something waiting for ya on the other side!)

Let me show you how to confidently run your business without the anxiety of enforcing your policies